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Wat Chet Yot (built late 15th century onward)

Chet Yot was built during the reign of King Tilokkarat, whose remains are enshrined in one of the smaller chedi. Literally the "Temple of the Seven Spires," Chet Yot is built in imitation of the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, India, where the Buddha reached enlightenment. The architecture is fairly eclectic, incorporating elements of Thai, Lao, Indian, and Chinese design. Visitors should take note of the seventy beautiful thewada bas-reliefs around the base of the temple—a masterpiece of Lanna kingdom art.

In 1477, the temple played host to the 8th world Buddhist council, an ecumenical gathering that sought to clarify certain doctrinal issues. Unfortunately, the records of this proceeding have since been lost.

Women visitors should note that only men are permitted to climb on the temple roof!

Because of the various means of translating Thai, "Chet Yot" can also be romanized as "Chet Yod," "Jet Yot," or "Jet Yod".

Also, compare this temple to these other 'Bodhgaya-style' temples:


Image credits: All images copyright 2008 Timothy M. Ciccone. Photographed early March, 2008.

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