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Map from brochure available on site. Dark areas are inaccessable to public.

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Sri Mariamman Temple (built 1843 onward)

Sri Mariammam Hindu temple is almost as old as Singapore itself. In 1827 the government clerk Naraina Pillay, who came in the same ship as Stamford Raffles years earlier, erected a wood and atap hut on this site. Later in 1843 the present temple was constructed and dedicated to the goddess Mariamman who is worshipped for her power to cure disease (early Singapore was mostly jungle, so disease was rampant). The temple is built in the south Indian Dravidian style similar to Sri Meenakshi in Madurai, India. Its most interesting feature is its impressive gopuram (tower) over the main entrance, which is decorated with numerous Hindu deities.


All images copyright 2002 Timothy M. Ciccone

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