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Mohra Moradu Monastery (3rd to 5th centuries)

The Mohra Moradu Monastery is located in a small valley between Sirkap and Jaulian. It was heavily damaged by treasure-hunters who split apart the main stupa hoping to find gold inside. The lower portions of the stupa were protected, however, as earth covered most of the site before excavation began under the auspices of John Marshall earlier in the 20th century. A Buddhist shrine, the monastery was once a place of meditation in the rural areas outside of busy Sirkap.

The stupa is famous for the many bas-reliefs of Buddha that adorn its base. The monastic cells around the stupa are badly damaged, but yielded such treasures as the stone stupas shown in images 5 and 7.


The approximate location of the monastery is 33.760809' N, 72.860997' E (WGS 84 map datum).


All images copyright 2001 Prof. Yunsheng Huang of the University of Virginia

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