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Sudeoksa Temple - 수덕사 (修德寺) (oldest building 1308 onward)

Sudeoksa is one of the few temples spared the ravages of the Imjin war (1592-1598). Owing to this good fortune, its main hall is an original structure built in 1308, thought to be one of the oldest wooden buildings in the country. Except for the main hall, the temple is rather unremarkable, laid out along a more-or-less central axis with the standard entry sequence of multiple gates placed on land that slopes up toward the main courtyard. The temple owns many cultural treasures, many of which are contained in the modern museum built along the entry sequence. Another piece of architecture worthy of note is the 14th century (or earlier) Goryeo-era stone pagoda standing in the main courtyard. There is also a 16th century hermitage higher in the hills (not shown in the photographs).

Sudeoksa shares the same bracketing style as Bongjeongsa and Buseoksa temples, which also date from the Goryeo era. This style, known as the "Tapo" style, was imported from Fujian province in the southern Sung dynasty.

Address: 충남 예산군 덕산면 사천리 20.

(The main hall is designated National Treasure #49),


All images copyright 1998-2000 Abraham C. Ahn and Timothy M. Ciccone

Yongsup Ko and Hui-sang Yun. Sudeoksa
  Daewonsa Publishing Co., Ltd., 2000. Korea

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