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Beomeosa Temple - 범어사 (梵魚寺) (built 1614 onward)

Beomeosa is one of the oldest and grandest temples in Korea. Founded in 678 by the industrious monk Uisang, none of the original buildings have survived the ravages of time. The temples oldest architectural treasures are a few stone stupas that date to the Unified Silla period, while all of the present buildings were built in the past four centuries. No earlier buildings exist because the entire temple was leveled during the 1592-98 Japanese invasions under the command of Hideyoshi Toyotomi. The oldest existing building is the main hall, reconstructed in 1614 (number 11 on the map).

Plan view

Plan of Beomeosa temple


Location: 35.283962' N, 129.070171' E (WGS 84 map datum). Address: 부산 금정구 청룡동 546 범어사.


All images copyright 1998-2001 Abraham C. Ahn and Timothy M. Ciccone

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Korean Office of Cultural Properties

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