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Dosan Seowon Academy - 도산서원 (陶山書院) (built 1561 onward)

Dosan Seowon is the largest and most famous of all Confucian academies in Korea. The first buildings on the site were established in 1561 by Yi Hwang, one of the great Korean Neo Confucian scholars. Yi Hwang called his academy "Dosan Seodang". Four years after his death in 1570, his disciples expanded the study hall into a large Confucian academy. It quickly gained the support of King Seonjo, who granted it a royal charter in 1575. The academy served two functions: On the one hand, it served as a memorial shrine to Yi Hwang and a place where his disciples could perform important ceremonies in his honor. On the other, it was a place where the teachings of Yi Hwang were passed along to succeeding generations of disciples.

Yi Hwang, better known as Toegye (T'oegye), lived from 1501 to 1570. He is best known for his famous "four seven debate" that he carried on with his junior Gi Daeseung (Ki Taes´┐Żng, 1529-1592) for seven years.

(Designated Historic Site #170).


According to GPS readings collected by the author, the site sits at 36.726964' N, 128.843342' E (WGS 84 map datum). Address: 경북 안동시 도산면 토계리 680.

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Korean Office of Cultural Properties

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AU Siu Ming posted on Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:04 am:

Please let me know, in February 2012, what is bus # 67 time-line, from Andong Railway Station to Dosan Soon?