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War Cemetery (established 1975)

The "Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery" on Mt. Taesong was established in 1975 to honor over a hundred revolutionaries who died fighting against the Japanese occupation forces during the colonial era (1910-1945). The cemetery was enlarged in 1985.

At the entrance to the cemetery there is a Korean-style gate followed by monumental pillars on both sides. Next is set of 300 stairs 40 meters wide that leads up to a set of granite sculptures depicting the revolutionary fighters. Somewhat further on is a monument to one side with Kim Il Sung's words, which read: "The noble revolutionary spirit displayed by the anti-Japanese revolutionary martyrs will dwell forever in the hearts of our Party and our people. October 10, 1985". On the other side is a monument inscribed with a paean.

In front of the gateway to the cemetery there is a pedestal for placing floral tributes. At the rear of the cemetery is a large flag cut in red granite. The tombs themselves are topped by busts of the revolutionary fighters.


All images copyright 2000 Dr. T. C. Kim

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